Cottage weekend of dreams: A photo diary.

I wrote a lil gushy paragraph about how lovely our weekend near Hebden Bridge was to accompany this photo diary, but it didn’t quite do it justice. Mainly because it’s the little things that make weekends like this so special – boots by the door, ready to head out and explore the countryside, wild rabbitsContinue reading “Cottage weekend of dreams: A photo diary.”

A rainy day in the Lakes

Recently it’s felt like the world doesn’t go much further than the stretch of canal near my flat and the handful of shops/cafes I’ve been venturing into as the world begins to open up again. I’m so lucky to live somewhere where I can wander to my favourite bars, bakery and coffee shops (and toContinue reading “A rainy day in the Lakes”

Sunday in The City – Ancoats and The Northern Quarter

Today I thought I’d finally get around to writing my first Sunday in The City post – a lil collection of lovely places to visit/things to do on a relaxed Sunday morning in some of my favourite parts of Manchester. I’m starting with Ancoats and The Northern Quarter, though there’s too many lovely spots toContinue reading “Sunday in The City – Ancoats and The Northern Quarter”

Three favourite Manchester Coffee Shops

Today I thought I’d write a lil post about my top three coffee shops in Manchester – spaces that feel like a bit of a refuge for me in the city and that I always like to escape to when I’m having a rough day. They’re spaces that are filled with memories, whether that’s catchingContinue reading “Three favourite Manchester Coffee Shops”

3 places to visit in London…

London is forever a city of magic to me, whether it’s a sunshine filled South Bank trip or the central line at rush hour. Last week I headed down for a long weekend and, whilst I usually end up sticking to my favourite old haunts (despite my best intentions), this time we visited a handfulContinue reading “3 places to visit in London…”

The best affordable eats in MCR

Having somehow found myself a grad job, I’ve recently been basking in how nice it feels to go out to eat more without the guilt of also eating away at my student loan.  And seeing as I’ve found some lovely new favourite places, I thought I’d write a lil blog post on my favourite, affordableContinue reading “The best affordable eats in MCR”