A lil reflection on a different world

The last time I wrote a blogpost, the world felt like a very different place. I haven’t been online as much as usual or being as proactive as I’d have liked because I’ve been struggling to process it all. Saying/supporting everything feels so important that I’ve ended up saying nothing at all.  Being away fromContinue reading “A lil reflection on a different world”

Wearing your vulnerabilities on your sleeve

I didn’t get around to blogging yesterday, but I did have a post published on one of my favourite websites (!!!!) – it’s talking about something I’d originally written about on this blog – hair loss. I was so proud of myself for opening up about something that’s really impacted my self esteem over theContinue reading “Wearing your vulnerabilities on your sleeve”

Blue Skies Are Calling

Today I braved the cold and sat outside on a bench in the winter sunshine whilst I ate my lunch. I watched the steam rise up from my chamomile tea, rifled through a book bathed in natural light, forced myself to tune out the traffic a street away and listened to the birds flitting aroundContinue reading “Blue Skies Are Calling”

January Blues

It’s Sunday evening and I’ve had the whole day to relax and read and write and relish in the quiet of January. And yet, as often happens whenever I have no plans or obligations for the day, the day has stretched on in a fog of not feeling able to think clearly, of restlessness andContinue reading “January Blues”

2019 and the end of the decade

As the year, and decade, draws to a close Instagram and Twitter is full of reflections, positivity and achievements as well as (if you follow the right people) reminders to be kind to yourself, to celebrate survival, to be at ease with anxiety about the future.  I don’t remember writing a post that wraps upContinue reading “2019 and the end of the decade”

A post about grief.

Grief is a funny thing. It’s something I thought I’d got to grips with when I was much smaller, but somewhere along the way I shoved and swallowed it down until it only manifested in quiet and subconscious ways within my life. I think I’d accepted that it’s intensity varied, coming back and surprising meContinue reading “A post about grief.”

(Talking about) Being Working Class at University isn’t how I thought it’d be…

Ten days and one three hour exam left and then I’ll be finished with my university education. There’s been lots of waves of nostalgia over the last few weeks as I’ve wandered campus and the city, but I’ve also been thinking a lot about the ways in which my experience has surprised me. And IContinue reading “(Talking about) Being Working Class at University isn’t how I thought it’d be…”

Sometimes it’s not okay to talk…

It’s World Mental Health Day today and I feel both compelled to write something and also completely exhausted at the prospect of it – advice like some I shared on an insta story earlier seems cliche, a celebration of my achievements just falls flat when I try to encourage myself and trying to articulate allContinue reading “Sometimes it’s not okay to talk…”