Cottage weekend of dreams: A photo diary.

I wrote a lil gushy paragraph about how lovely our weekend near Hebden Bridge was to accompany this photo diary, but it didn’t quite do it justice. Mainly because it’s the little things that make weekends like this so special – boots by the door, ready to head out and explore the countryside, wild rabbitsContinue reading “Cottage weekend of dreams: A photo diary.”

Lockdown Reads – Pt 1.

Earlier this year I decided I was going to start writing book reviews – lockdown had helped me get out of a huge reading rut and I’ve read (and more importantly enjoyed reading) more this year than I have in a long time. Unfortunately, life and other responsibilities meant that suddenly this intention was relegatedContinue reading “Lockdown Reads – Pt 1.”

A rainy day in the Lakes

Recently it’s felt like the world doesn’t go much further than the stretch of canal near my flat and the handful of shops/cafes I’ve been venturing into as the world begins to open up again. I’m so lucky to live somewhere where I can wander to my favourite bars, bakery and coffee shops (and toContinue reading “A rainy day in the Lakes”

Books For Bad Days

Hello! With grey rainy days and the mixed feelings that come with lockdown easing, I’ve seen lots of people on my timelines feeling a bit down or struggling at the minute. With this in mind, I thought that I’d quickly share a few reads that I’d recommend for those days when you need a pick-me-up,Continue reading “Books For Bad Days”

Self Care and Activism

**edit: after writing this piece I found Yomi Adegoke’s “We need to rethink our ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ approach to activism” piece for Vogue which is absolutely brilliant and essential reading on engagement and mental health for black people and which perfectly expresses what I briefly alluded to regarding Instagram activism – please readContinue reading “Self Care and Activism”

Things to be grateful for, though I’ve lost track of the weeks.

Books/TV: Everyone’s already talking about it, but the wonderfully tender Normal People BBC series. I put off reading the book until after the series for some reason and regret it very much now because it was one of those novels that just seems to take all of your feelings in it’s hands and squeeze themContinue reading “Things to be grateful for, though I’ve lost track of the weeks.”

My Dark Vanessa – A Review

Hello! Today I thought I’d give writing a book review a go – this isn’t the kind of post I’m used to writing but I’m mainly doing so to see if it’s something I’d enjoy – reading and writing are my favourite things to do so maybe writing about reading will end up being somethingContinue reading “My Dark Vanessa – A Review”

Making sense of the world in lockdown

Somehow it’s almost been three weeks since my first post written from a time of social distancing and isolation. Time seems to have taken on a dazed, scattered quality where everything feels as if it’s both slowed down and sped up. This week has been perhaps the most difficult in a way – the realityContinue reading “Making sense of the world in lockdown”

The first week

It’s been just over a week since I made a terrible attempt at packing (forgetting all of my makeup and most of my clothes) and left our flat in Manchester. The evening of my last blogpost, where I decided I’d write weekly about what I’m grateful for, saw the U.K go into lockdown. In theContinue reading “The first week”