Things to be grateful for, though I’ve lost track of the weeks.

Books/TV: Everyone’s already talking about it, but the wonderfully tender Normal People BBC series. I put off reading the book until after the series for some reason and regret it very much now because it was one of those novels that just seems to take all of your feelings in it’s hands and squeeze them out and I wish I’d read it so much sooner.

Online Content: A lovely newsletter full of nature and poetry and recipes by my friend Amelia, who always writes beautifully and shares the dreamiest photos of life in Winchester (sign up here if you’d like!).

Moments and people and memories: Watching sweeping rain across distant hills, the view of the cathedral from the garden, clear skies and stars that make me feel more at home in the universe, wonderful poetry in a lovely zine, wrapped up in pink tissue paper by an even more wonderful friend (Thank u so much Skye!!!), further ventures amongst the bluebells, animal crossing tucked up in the loft together with pizza and Louis, gold or pink in the distant sky, eagerly awaited book post, the sound of rain from the loft and the way it drops amongst the trees in the wood, the way a street lamp looks as the day light fades…

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