A collection of lovely moments in a not so good week

This week has been overwhelming – with not being able to attend a funeral/be able to check in with people I care about after a family friend passed away, the increasing uncertainty about whether my current work contract will be extended and the implications for the flat that means so much to me, it’s felt difficult and frustrating and much of the week passed with me just feeling exhausted and sad.

I don’t feel much like writing a blogpost recounting the week and I haven’t had much time or energy to read lots but here are some photos from the last week that remind me of the good – beautiful evenings and a garden full of flowers, explorations of the bluebell filled wood behind Louis’ house and starting a new read that I’d been looking forward to for a while. We even met a cute dog called Edward on our adventures and I’ve managed to get some non-blog writing done too – it’s definitely not all bad. But, whilst I feel incredibly self conscious posting this little ramble about my emotions, I hope that it’s perhaps reassuring to anyone whose struggling to know they’re not alone and that you don’t always, especially in current times, have to be productive and write with purpose or even write at all… sometimes being gentle with yourself and keeping an eye out for the good is all you can do.

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