A birthday in lockdown

Friday afternoon in the loft that’s now our working from home space. The days of blue skies and warm sun on skin have been replaced with the drip of rain against the window and somehow I’ve found myself busy enough for the days to have slipped by and it already be the weekend again (almost).

Since my last post, we’ve spent days out in the garden, eaten lots of lovely food and I’ve been able to get into reading more for the first time in a while – I finally got my hands on a copy of ‘My Dark Vanessa’ by Kate Elizabeth Russell earlier this week and can’t quite articulate all my feelings about it concisely enough for this post (though I might actually attempt to write a book review doing just that at some point over the weekend). Even looking back through photos of the last week or so I’m remembering little details I’d forgotten – Titan trampling through forget-me-nots and finally getting back into going for (very slow) runs in the woods and even just feeling a little happier with myself.

The Easter weekend was filled with lovely moments, from making friends with a butterfly perched on my head to the delivery of beautiful Birthday flowers from Bloom and Wild. Monday was my birthday and, though our original plans were obviously out of the question, I managed to have probably the best birthday ever anyway thanks to Louis and his family.

After breakfast in bed (with a breakfast balloon and a rose, obviously…) and a morning of getting ready (whilst banished to the upstairs of the house whilst people decorated) I went downstairs to the dreamiest party ever – pink decorations, homemade Five Guys hot dogs and burgers for lunch and dinner (!!!), a roller disco with an extra pair of skates bought just for the occasion and just the loveliest day ever.

The next day we lounged around, still surrounded by pink balloons, making the most of our last day before going back to working from home – ending the evening with our daily state sanctioned wander whilst watching the most beautiful skies I think I’ve ever seen. The world is a strange and scary place right now but I feel so incredibly privileged to have made such wonderful memories in the midst of it all!

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